Acceptable Suppliers of Genuine Edgar Cayce Radial Appliances

If the Association for Research and Enlightenment’s “Official Supplier”  makes a questionable version of Cayce’s Radial Appliance, what is a seeker to do?

It is possible to make your own Radial Appliance. I’ve heard that the A.R.E.’s bookstore in Virginia Beach used to have supplies, but i haven’t yet been able to visit the business. I exchanged with an aspiring builder in/near Russia about a few specific details about Radial Appliance construction. He wrote back a few months later to say that he’d successfully built an Appliance.

David McMillin has a nice book about his Radial Appliance R&D project. He offers suppliers for each of the components.

Complete Appliances are available from these builders:

Tom Hildebrand calls his version of Cayce’s Radio-Active Appliance the Ice Appliance.
Phil Thomas calls his version of Cayce’s Radio-Active Appliance the Radial Device.
James Knochel sells assembled Radial Appliances, as well as kits that purchasers can assemble on their own.

While there are difference between our versions of Cayce’s device, we all stick to the same basic formula: Carbon Steel, some kind of plate Carbon, masking tape, and charcoal.

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